Monday, February 10, 2014

Marty Talks Advocacy Networks During Digital Summit

Netcentric Campaigns President Marty Kearns spoke about building advocacy networks such as the Moving Maryland Forward Network during a special symposium at the University of Maryland School of Social Work earlier this year — and you can check out his remarks online.

Marty joined presenters such as Tate Hauseman of and Maria Roach of United for Change USA to talk about how civic engagement and citizen action has changed over the past decade or so because of online organizating strategies, the growth of networks and the impact of online petition campaigns. Summit attendees included community organizers, public policy advocates, philanthropic leaders and university students and faculty.

In his presentation, Marty talked about the necessary Seven Elements of an Advocacy Network and how they have been incorporated into the great work being done by the Moving Maryland Forward Network

video of the two-hour summit is now available online, and Marty’s remarks begin at about 38:40. Marty also takes part in a Q&A session with the other conference speakers at about 1:43:36. Of course, if you have a couple of extra hours, we encourage you to watch the entire video!

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