Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Netcentric Featured in New Issue of National Civic Review

What happens when the public health community taps into the advocacy network space? Public policy transforms.

Netcentric Campaigns President Marty Kearns and Content Strategy Manager Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch have an article in the new issue of National Civic Review studying how lives are transformed when health and health care leaders and grassroots advocates work together to create change. The piece also presents strategies to bring different parties together, noting that there are two types of people working in the advocacy space: Organizers and Mobilizers.

"Organizers bring people together and create community among the people they gather. They are the folks who hand out flyers, canvass door to door, and organize meetings at local recreation centers. Their mission is to create community among neighbors and elevate the needs of the community, and then work alongside the community to address those needs. Mobilizers, meanwhile, aim to attract participation as part of a larger advocacy campaign, offering potential participants an inspiring set of goals set by others, along with a clear way to help achieve those goals.
Although they operate differently, both organizers and mobilizers are essential for advocacy. Public health history is full of stories of both types of grassroots success."
You can read the entire article here. Be sure to check out the full issue as well, a special edition that looks at the National Civic League’s US Health Communities movement and the lessons learned since the program’s launch 25 years ago.

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