Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This Thanksgiving, I'm Grateful to Work At Netcentric Campaigns

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite day of the year. Not only is it a chance to spend quality time with family cooking, playing sports, taking long walks and laughing but it’s a time to be grateful. Each year, my family goes around the table sharing one thing we are grateful for. We often go multiple rounds, and every year at least one person sheds a tear as they share their gratitude.

This year is my first Thanksgiving working at Netcentric Campaigns, so I’m jumping at the opportunity to express my gratitude. So I’m making five rounds around the virtual table today and sharing the top reasons I love working here:

  1. Networks are powerful. Ever since I was a little girl, when I would loan Monopoly money to my best friend so the game would never end, I’ve believed in the power of collaboration. Collaboration between people working on the same movement just makes sense. If we want to fight the nasty problems in our society, we cannot do it alone!
  2. The bigger the challenge, the more excited I am to wake up in the morning. Netcentric Campaigns is uniting people to fight some pretty big, scary topics. We are building networks to fight everything from big oil to racial inequity. Some days I look around and think, “Thank goodness these people are as crazy as I am!”
  3. There are so many more challenges to tackle. Not only are we already taking on some great issues, there are so many more I want to go after. I’m dying for an opportunity to build a network of people fighting for immigration reform in the U.S. There are so many big issues that advocacy networks could effectively take on.
  4. This organization prioritizes the right things. As a veteran of nonprofits, and a witness to the inner-workings of many others, I know they can take a toll on your personal life. Working all day to save the world sometimes means that you aren’t able to prioritize your own world quite as much. Not the case at Netcentric Campaigns. I love that this organization values work/life balance and is just as encouraging of personal goals and commitments as professional ones.
  5. We’ve got an awesome team. We are small but mighty. We’ve got a great group of people who all bring vastly diverse perspectives to the table. I’m honored to work with each person here.
This Thanksgiving, I’ll definitely use up one of my rounds expressing gratitude for a great job that gets me excited to go to work every day. What are you grateful for?

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