Friday, May 22, 2015

Where were you in 2000?

As part of our birthday month bash, we thought it would be fun to see where our staff were 15 years ago when Netcentric was born. Enjoy this week’s day-late (and admittedly slightly embarrassing) #tbt, the staff flashback!

Bobbi Russell (left) our Chief Operating Officer, Marty Kearns (right) our President, and former staff member Carl Coryell-Martin (center) were hiking Old Rag Mountain in Virginia.

Dawn Arteaga (left), Director of Digital Strategy, was enjoying time hanging out with her friends.

Chris Casey, Director of Digital Strategy, was working on Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate campaign website.

Meredith Wise, Digital Communications Strategist, was having fun at Epcot with her dad.

Prarthana Gurung, Digital Campaign Coordinator, was celebrating her 10th birthday.


Donna Munoz, our Director of Finance and Administration, was enjoying spending time with her daughter, Isabel.


Katrina Ledbetter, our Operations and Program Coordinator was enjoying some quality family time with her new headphones.

Zach Brooks, our Digital Campaign Manager, was already rooting for his favorite team!

And Horacio CarreƱo-Garcia, our Office Assistant, was enjoying his birthday cake by having his family cover him in it.

We hope you enjoyed this flashback! Feel free to share your own pictures from 15 years ago with us on Twitter using #hbdNC15!

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